Best Desserts From Around The World

Best Desserts From Around The World

Best Desserts From Around The World
Apart from the typical sightseeing adventures and thrills that come with traveling, one of the most important ways to understanding a new culture is by EATING (especially eating desserts)! All that walking around builds up an appetite, anyway right?


Today’s post highlights some of the most delicious sweet treats from each country. Exploring new dishes when traveling can be overwhelming.  Specifically, If you too aren’t sure about what ingredients are involved in these traditional desserts, how they are prepared or even how to pronounce the name in a foreign language.

Being an adventurous eater in the realm of trying new traditional desserts takes a lot of guts (or stomach) to branch out and try something completely new. In my opinion, trying typical desserts are much more “safe” in terms of making sure that you aren’t eating something that is just too strange for you to stomach. It’s a great transition to trying new flavors without feeling overwhelmed.



Indulge With Me On Some Of The World’s Top Desserts 



Whether you are more of a “chocoholic” dessert lover or prefer pastries, this list of treats has something for all pallets.



Argentina: Dulce de Leche

Best Desserts From Around The World Argentina Dulce De Leche

This is the most delectable caramel sauce to adorn any dessert. Dulce de Leche puts a golden caramel crown on ice creams, cakes, you name it! It takes the cake for any sweet syrupy topping. Dulce de leche can transform even the simplest of treats into a culinary showstopper.

Interestingly enough, this dessert’s origin is highly debated and said to have been created by Napoleon’s soldiers.

My first introduction to the dessert was the Haagen Dazs ice cream flavor. Since then, I have never looked back and always welcome a spoon full with open arms. What may seem like a like fancy word for caramel, now is widely available in many supermarkets across the world.



Austria: Sachertorte

Best Desserts From Around The World Austria Sachertorte

Sachertorte is a dessert made of thin layers, which are immaculately stacked upon each other to form a chocolate cake. With precision and quality ingredients, this cake takes baking to an art form.

What sets Sachertorte apart from your average chocolate cake (apart from the layers) is its subtle hint of apricot which is hidden in a thin layer. Austrian people love this cake and often eat it as an afternoon snack accompanied of course, with a cup of coffee.

Some of the best places to try this dessert in Vienna is the famous Café Sacher. Of course, if you aren’t in Austria and up for the confectionery challenge. Here is a link to a Traditional Sachertorte Recipe for you to make at home.

This cake is so delicious there was even a legal battle over the use of its name, but ‘sachertorte’ is a name here to stay!



Belgium: Waffles

Best Desserts From Around The World Belgium Waffles

Breakfast, dessert or snacks Belgian Waffles can be topped to suit any need. It’s delicious batter with small squares waiting to be filled to your liking tops the desert charts for its delicious customizability.

Interestingly, in the United States this is a typical breakfast food that you can find on almost any brunch menu.

After visiting Belgium, I was surprised to find out that real Belgium Waffles actually take the shape of a small square rather than the circular shape that I was accustomed to in the states. Nonetheless, waffles are a quick, cheap and easy on-the-go treat in Belgium and not to be missed!



France: Crème Brûlée

Best Desserts From Around The World France Creme Brulee

It is impossible to have a dessert list without adding crème brûlée. This French classic’s, sweet creaminess will keep your begging for more s’il vous plaît.

Crème brûlée is a difficult dessert to make from home because of the equipment that is required to make the crisp sugary topping. Although it may not be so common for your average come to have a cooking torch in your cupboard, there are alternative ways to get the same end result. Here is a  Video to make Crème brûlée with cooking supplies that you most likely would have in your home.



Hungry: Kurtoskalacs

Best Desserts From Around The World Hungary Kurtoskalacs

Cylindrical formed layers of oven baked yeast dough is one of eastern Europe’s best-kept secrets.

Kurtoskalacs are rolled in several toppings like sugar, caramel, cinnamon, nuts or you name it. Although it’s center is hollow and looks a bit larger than it actually is, this treat is best shared. Originating in Hungry, this treat is another on the go snack.



Italy: Gelato

Best Desserts From Around The World Italy Gelato

Need I say more? Summer, winter, whatever season, there is no such thing as a bad time to dive a little spoon into a cup of Gelato.

In Italy, you can find enticing gelato shops on just about every corner and alley. So, as tempting as they are, I want to share a few insider tips to guide you to the holy grail of Gelato shops.

  1. Check to see if the ice creams are stacked high in the container. If the level of ice cream is higher than the edge of the metal container, it means that the ice cream has most likely been frozen solid to maintain this shape. Look for a container with metal lids if you want to find high-quality gelato.
  2. What color is the pistachio flavor? If its bright green say “ciao”. Ice creams that have abnormally bright colors are typically not made with all natural ingredients or have added flavors/extracts that cost less than the real thing.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no such thing as bad gelato. But, why not go for the best if you can J



Spain: Churros con Chocolate 

Best Desserts From Around The World Spain Churros

A light night snack or breakfast for most Spaniards combines crunchy fried dough (churros) dipped into rich, thick, melted chocolate.

If you are in Madrid, a trip to San Gines is a must. Open since 1894 this restaurant has perfected this classic dessert. If you have already tried Churros con Chocolate before and are looking to try something new, order “Porras”. They are very similar in terms of ingredients and cooking method, however, they are larger in size and more airy.



Turkey: Baklava 

Best Desserts From Around The World Spain Baklava

Layers of thing phylo-dough drenched in honey is crispy sweet and delectable. You can often find pistachio topped baklava if you are feeling adventurous. Baklava can be found in many different countries, even Greece is known to make some delicious versions. For traditions sake, we mentioned Turkey’s version, because well, they have been making it since the Ottoman Empire.



United States of America: Apple Pie

Best Desserts From Around The World America Apple Pie

Finally, to wrap up this list, I felt like I had to show some love to my home country.

Apple Pie is an American dessert staple. Typically topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Although you can find Apple Pie just about any time of the year, it is a signature 4th of July dessert. Get a taste of American independence with cinnamony, warm baked apples baked into golden, flaky dough. Here is a link to a simple recipe.


Eating like the locals isn’t always so forgiving for your diet. But, these sweet treats are worth every devilish morsel. Take that fork and dive right in! If you ever find yourselves in any of these countries, then make sure not to miss out on these classics. If you are looking for some culinary inspiration, why not experiment by bringing another culture’s dessert to your family’s table?


Did I forget your countries noteworthy dessert or have you tried something that I forgot to mention? Comment below with some of your favorite desserts.

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