dangers of dieting

Dangers Of Dieting

People start diets with the best intentions. They want to lose weight and improve their health. However, there are actually many health risks of dieting, and the dangers of dieting may outweigh the potential benefits.


The Potential Dangers Of Dieting


Hidden Dangers

The health risks of dieting are serious. Too often, when people cut calories from their diet, they do not take the time to make sure they are cutting the right calories. A healthy diet should include a balance of nutrients, and too many diets rely on highly processed food. Moreover, according to this article on dailymail.co.uk, health risks of dieting also include decreased energy, added stress and hormone imbalances.


Inevitable Failure

It is not merely that dieting is a health risk. It is also prone to failure. When eating habits are established, they are very hard to break. Therefore, during the start of a diet, people experience withdrawal-like symptoms. Not only are they faced with cravings, but they may suffer from headaches, fatigue and gnawing hunger. As explained by news.health.com, there are also emotional and social factors that heighten the dangers of dieting dramatically.


What You Can Do

The health risks of dieting should not stop anyone from trying to eat better. Instead, you should use the dangers of dieting to create a smarter plan for yourself. Focus on the following factors:

  • Incremental changes over time
  • Smart substitutions to minimize problematic foods
  • Realistic goals that can be maintained
  • Eating better, not less

As you can see, dieting has many health risks and other negative factors that out way the potential benefits. It is highly recommended to focus on the above listed factors. These types of dietary changes will not only be safer, but they are more likely to lead to success over time. Nothing is more disappointing than giving it all you have only to get nowhere.

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