Fleek in Five; A Day To Night Look in 5 minutes with 5 Products

Fleek in Five: A Day To Night Look in 5 minutes with 5 Products

Fleek in Five; A Day To Night Look in 5 minutes with 5 Products
We’ve all been there, about 5 snoozes in you come to that harsh realization that you can’t exactly afford to rock up to work/school straight out of bed; we can’t all be Beyoncé (there should be a drinking game for every time we say that). We’ve overslept, don’t have time for breakfast, don’t have time to shower … Ok, fine, you had the time but chose to sleep and risk giving yourself a maximum of 5 minutes to get your s**t together.

You’ve talked it over with yourself, you are fine with having one off day another off day where avoiding eye contact and hurrying home is a valid solution. There are a few minutes left of the day which you use to build up the courage to face your bathroom mirror and realize how you’ve looked all day. Then you remember the plans you had for right after work! You want to fix yourself up, but find yourself left with those same 5 minutes from the morning and an even greater sense of self-defeat. Today I’m going to break down the 5 products you need in your purse or at your desk in preparation for this very moment. 5 products, 5 minutes; multiple uses and results guaranteed to take you from day to night and leave you looking fleeky!



All About That Base!

Fleek in Five; A Day To Night Look in 5 minutes with 5 Products All About That Base

Now, we don’t have time to faff about with Sephora’s finest or build up that coverage. You need something quick and easily blendable; foundation sticks are your new best friend! There was a time where these weren’t so in and were considered too cakey or difficult to work with; but with this year’s releases, you needn’t worry. The three most-blogged-about sticks would be Makeup Forever’s Ultra HD Foundation Stick, Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Stick Foundation and Hourglass’s Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick.

Pick up either of these to ensure a flawless base in under a minute. Slather them onto your face depending on how much coverage you need, and just tap it in with your fingertips to blend out the edges and spread the product. TIP: these can also be blended into your under eyes to cover those dark circles that you and I know you have, as well as onto your eyelids to cover up any veins and even out color!




Fleek in Five; A Day To Night Look in 5 minutes with 5 Products Glow To Palette

This palette is guaranteed to answer all your needs when it comes to your skin. It doesn’t hurt that you only need the tiniest amount and will never run out of this stuff! The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palettes have saved many lives in their time; from the classic three pan to their most recent one packed with five must have powders. Whichever you choose to opt for; these palettes give you a powder to set your face, a bronzer and a highlighter.

This is going to save us the most time. Use your index finger to give your lid a wash of shimmer with that highlighter. Then using what’s left on your finger on your cheek tops for that glow we all seek so desperately. You might want to pull up a brush at this point. But fingers can be fine for a swipe of that bronzer shade into the contours of your cheek and in the crease of your lid to give you dimension- and ta da! Your base is done and your eyes are three-quarters of the way there!

Need to clean your brushes? Here’s how.



One Stick to Rule Them All…

Fleek in Five; A Day To Night Look in 5 minutes with 5 Products One stick to rule them all

Now here comes the true star of the show. Bite’s recent release of Multi-Sticks has taken the beauty world by a storm. These creamy crayon sticks come in 18 shades ranging from pinks to deeper browns. They promise to apply creamily but last like a powder. There’s so much you can do with these! The steps I’m about to break down can be accomplished with any and all of the shades, but for fall’s sake let’s go with the rich mahogany shade ‘Almond’. First, you’re going to rub this onto your fingers and pat away at those cheeks!

Give yourself a naturally flushed look. Then take the edge of this and carefully apply to your lash line- for the boldest of you, attempt to flick this out. If a cat flick is pushing it then just use your pinky finger to smudge this out. This will give you a smoky and defined look (psst… smudge some of this onto your lower lash line too to really give you that sultry effect). Finally, pack this onto your lips to give you a seriously bold lip. It is guaranteed to grant you a few “there’s no way she just rolled in from work looking like that” glances!



Fluffed and Fluttering

Fleek in Five; A Day To Night Look in 5 minutes with 5 Products fluffed and fluttering

Lashes, lashes, lashes; who said brows complete a look? With a bit of lipstick and a few coats of mascara, there’s nothing a woman can’t achieve. Now, if it’s good enough for Kendall Jenner, it’s good enough for us (mottos to live by). The Estee Edit’s The Edgiest Up & Out Double Mascara is the perfect way to give your lashes the quickest pick me up possible. We don’t have time for a million coats so this is where the double sided mascara is your savior; brush the volume side of this mascara onto your lashes and then top it off with the other brush. This will give you that lift and definition that a pair of falsies would’ve! Finally, pack a bit of the defining side onto your lower lashes to really darken the look.



Va-Va-Voom Volume

Fleek in Five; A Day To Night Look in 5 minutes with 5 Products va-va-voom volume

Face, sorted; but what about your hair? If you couldn’t cough up the 5 minutes for makeup this morning, odds are you skipped that very-much-needed hair wash. Whether you find yourself with greasy roots or lackluster locks- dry shampoo is your girl! Opt for Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo or Drybar’s Detox Dry Shampoo and quickly spritz this into your roots. Next, fluff your hair up with your fingertips and rub this into your hair. This quick but very necessary step is guaranteed to give you freshly-washed looking fair and volume that even Eva Mendes would envy!

5 minutes later and here we are, looking like the boss – superwoman you are and giving the girl’s coming straight from the mac counter a run for their money! Serving some seriously sexy and smoky realness. Owing it all to 5 superstars and your trusty fingertips. You should probably give a good hand sanitizer squeeze between steps- let’s be real.

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