health and wellness trends

Health and Wellness Trends of 2016

health and wellness trends
health and wellness trends

There has never been an infusion of natural and organic way of life into modern lifestyles than now. More people are becoming aware of the need to go natural and make wellness routine more diverse, in order to achieve a faster and much better result. Here are some of the trending health and wellness trends that will continue for many years to come.


Health and Wellness Trends of 2016 



health and wellness trends athliezure

More women now wear a form of Lycra on their bodies. This shows that there is a growing trend whereby workout clothes are gradually replacing denim pants and tops. Athleisure, simply put, is a combination of leisure with athletics. This trend is fast gaining momentum with more people wearing spandex and other sporty fabrics to work, school, and even social gatherings.

Chic and casual clothing that are wearable with sneakers can be very comfortable. This is motivating us to indulge in exercises even while we are on our way to work. If you have a busy schedule every day, consider Athleisure dressings for some motivation.


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Spa and Beauty services come in form of apps

health and wellness trends phone apps

Have you heard about the “Uberization” of spa and beauty services? Many wellness centers, including spa and beauty shops have embraced the tech-enabled sharing apps, to provide their on-demand services faster to their clients. Zeel, for instance is a beauty and wellness app that can deliver a massage therapist to your doorstep within few minutes.

Also, you can make use of the “Ritualist” app to find the perfect facialist instantly. Manicube is an app that can be used to search for professional manicurists in and around your region. You can even get spray tanning services within the comfort of your smartphone, with just a click.


Mineral treatments are becoming the norm

health and wellness trends mineral treatment

Vitamins still remain some of the most important health sustainers of health. However, there is a growing trend in the use of rare earth minerals such as Magnesium, in the treatment of modern-day disorders such as stress, Insomnia and other diseases that are depleting the mineral levels in the body.

Scientific research has indicated that more than 75% of humans have depleted levels of magnesium in their bodies. This is a mineral that is essential for muscle and bone strengthening. Minerals such as magnesium also strengthen immunity and helps in regulating blood pressure. The trans-dermal absorption of essential minerals occurring when you enter a bath soaked with magnesium flakes or Epsom salts can increase your body’s mineral levels significantly.


Drinkable beauty products

health and wellness trends beauty drinks

Some of the biggest health and wellness trends in the world today are the drinkable products. You don’t have to slather your makeup and other products on your body all the time, when you can actually sip some beauty products and you will achieve the same radiant glow. Beauty-boosting remedies now contain drinkable beverages loaded with sufficient nutrients that can revitalize your body from within.

Many skin care product manufacturers do offer new ranges of products that can fight infections such as acne, and even slow down signs of ageing. Trending drinkable products include those loaded with probiotics, minerals such as zincs, adaptogens, and turmeric. Many of these products come in form of powders that you can simply stir in water and drink instantly. This trend will continue to grow as consumers now establish the link between wellness, skin improvement and nutrition.


Adaptogens herbs become more popular

health and wellness trends herbs

Herbs have been part of human existence for centuries and will always continue to be the included in the modern health and wellness trends. However, there has been an increasing awareness of the use of adaptogens, especially in the fight against stubborn stressful conditions. There are certain plants or herbs with huge powers to help the body adapt to stressful conditions. No food can be as effective as adaptogens in help the body fight off stress, anxiety, depression and  other related problems.


Under-water plants such as seaweed take over from other veggies

health and wellness trends seaweed

More and more people seem to be embracing some uncommon plants. The under-water seaweed is one of such. Seaweed seems to be referred to as the new Kale because of its nutrient-packed profile, ranging from skin care to immunity boosting. Seaweed is one of the few plants regarded as the “super foods”. The plant has been found to be rich in mineral elements which is needed by humans.

Some super chefs are already using seaweed in powder form to replace table salt when preparing their cuisines. Seaweed is particularly ideal because everyone believes that they have access to all nutrients under the sea, and they contain some bioactive substances that makes them functional at the cellular level . Seaweeds are quickly becoming the main components of salads and facial masks.


Nitrogen-coffee is gaining momentum

health and wellness trends nitrogen coffee

Before now, only few restaurants and cafés provide the secret drinks containing Nitrogen. However, there has been a surge in the number of cafes providing such drink. The main benefit of Nitrogen-infused drinks is that it opens up the veins and blood paths. This creates a much better and faster flow of blood through the body’s vital organs.


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Aside from nitrogen drinks, Matcha is a Japanese super drink that comes in a powder form and added into steamy water, is also gaining more grounds. Matcha is an anti-oxidant rich green tea that can be mixed with water and milk. It is more powerful than any other green tea you can think about. We all know that antioxidants can help fight germs, boost immunity and neutralize oxidative stress that destroys healthy skin cells.


Meditation becomes part of social life

health and wellness trends meditation

Meditation has become one of the modern health and wellness trends of today. Gone are the days when meditation are only conducted in quiet and serene environments. Today Meditation is getting more fun as groups of people, including co-workers. Social media network members and communities now share images of group meditation sessions. This motivating others to join in the trend. Meditation has a spiritual way of rejuvenating the body and helps you retain concentration and focus.

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