happier and healthier at work

How To Be Happier And Healthier At Work

happier and healthier at work
happier and healthier at work

The start of the work week can lead to a feeling of dread. Just the thought of having to leave the weekend behind. Getting back into the mode of working for the next five days or so can be enough to put anyone in a bad mood. Furthermore, many go through the motions of their job and the workweek without stopping to think how the whole process could be made more pleasant. Below are some suggestions on how to be happier and healthier at work.


How To Be Happier And Healthier At Work


Take a walk

Take a walk to be happier and healthier at work

Often times we get so accustomed to our desks or offices that we stay there all day long. Leaving only to use the restroom or hit up the vending machine. Just like kids need to stretch and take a brain break so do adults. Getting up and walking around for 5 – 10 minutes is not only beneficial for getting the blood flowing, but this brief recess will usually give your mood a lift. While it’s not always feasible, stepping out of the building entirely to get some fresh air and a break from those harsh, overhead lights will result in happier employees at work.


Drink water throughout the day

drinking water helps to be happier and healthier at work

If your job is giving you a headache try drinking some water throughout the entire day. Even though many can’t imagine starting the day without a cup of caffeine in hand, these liquid stimulants can lead to dehydration and headaches. Keeping a water bottle at your workstation will remind you to drink up. This will help keep you hydrated which helps to be happier and healthier at work.


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Break up the week with a treat

treating yourself mid week can help with being happier and healthier at work

Even before beginning the week many are already flashing forward to the upcoming weekend that is still five days away. Rather than focusing on the distant end of the week, establish a pick-me-up or reward during the week. This can bring a little more happiness to the workweek itself. For example, taking a trip to a local bakery for a cupcake after work on Monday can make “a case of the Mondays” a little sweeter. Or try scheduling something fun in the middle of the week just to deflect from the monotony of the work routine.


Eat lunch with colleagues

Eating with colleagues will cause you to be happier and healthier at work

Most people are happier at work when they don’t eat lunch alone at their desk. Dining with colleagues is a perfect way to break up the day. It is also an excellent way to get to know those you work with. The comradery built during this time can lead to a healthier work environment overall. To make this time even more enjoyable it is recommended to not talk about work; there is plenty of time for that during the other hours of the day.


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The work week doesn’t need to be such a difficult time. If you were not able to land a job that you love then making the best of what you have is the next best thing. Sometimes just being thankful for what you have could have a big impact on how you view your work week. Also, by utilizing these tips you can be happier and healthier at work.

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