how to keep relationship spiced up

How To Keep Your Relationship Spiced Up

how to keep relationship spiced upResearch has it that in the current generation majority of the people are seeking for casual sex and one night stands. Yes! Many people over the recent past year were found to prefer sex with no commitments. Could this mean that relationships are boring? We can all agree, being with the same person for more than 5 years, 10 years, or even 50 years can be boring. Waking up in the morning, doing your routine schedule with your partner, having usual sex… can pretty be boring. Some couples try to keep their relationship spiced up.



How To Keep Your Relationship Spiced Up



It is good to ensure that we keep our relationship spiced up all the time. You may have dated for more than 10 years but you can always find new ways to spice up things and feel the same passion you felt the first time you met. “Love fades away” it’s true, but only when you don’t find new ways to water your it. Currently, divorces have become a common thing, it has become so common that to an extent it has started being seen as a norm. The following are the possible ways you can adapt to spice up your relationship and probably save your marriage too.


Go To Where It Started

relationship spiced up go to where it started

It’s a fact, you two met at some place. Occasionally create time and visit the place where you two first met. Yes! That place where you bumped into one another, that bar/restaurant where he smiled at you and felt butterflies in your stomach… of course, there are those who met online! This might be a different scenario but for your case, you can visit the place where you two first met on your first date.


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Despite the fact that the place might not have a romantic setting; hello, there are those who met when either one of them accidentally entered a ladies washroom instead of gents. The setting isn’t romantic but visiting the place where you two first met rejuvenates your love for each other. Actually, at times, you may feel like you are just meeting again and falling in love. Just the right ingredient you need to keep your relationship spiced up.


Wild Dates

relationship spiced up go on a wild date

A routine date schedule is boring. If you always go to a date on that fateful same restaurant or bar, have the same meal, and the go back home to finish up things at home. This would be boring and the whole relationship would get boring. To avoid this it’s good to ensure you keep thing spiced up.

How about organizing double dates, it’s wild, right? You can arrange with your friends to occasionally have double dates. Watching you friends show affection to their partners, will help rejuvenate your love. The trick in this is, you try and compete in finding which couple is more affectionate. The double dates not only have to be in a restaurant, you can go swimming together or even take a hike. Anything that will ensure you are excited will enable you to spice up things in your relationship.


Wild Sex

relationship spiced up wild sex

Yes! Sex. The reason why people nowadays are preferring one night stands is because sex in long-term relationships gets boring. Yes, sleeping with the same person for more than 1000 times, on the same bed, same sex positions… can be pretty boring.

This is the reason why the majority of people cheat on their lifetime partner. It is in the attempt to feel the romance and passion of being with someone new. However, you can spice up your sex life and make it feel like it’s the first time. How can you spice up sex in your relationship? This might be a crazy idea but it works pretty well. Try having sex in wild places, for instance, you can have sex in the garage, how about trying a quickie while stuck in traffic? How about a quickie in the elevator? To spice up things as a couple you should ensure you adventure new sex places.

But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have sex in your matrimonial bedroom. No! You can actually try extreme sex position, just to have the enthusiasm and passion of trying something new.


Wild Talks & Public Display of Affection

relationship spiced up wild talks public affection

Don’t limit your conversation to “hey, darling, hoping you had a nice day, I missed you.” As a couple, you should try and spice up your conversations by adding wild topics. For instance, you can talk about some crazy sex you two had or maybe how you two are going to try out a wild sex position later. This helps keep the conversation lively.

Also, try some little public display of affection. Kiss each other often in public, when in a restaurant you can actually cuddle a little bit. I know, people will give you a weird look, but the sensation of the act will help rejuvenate your love for each other. Hey, I don’t advise you try having sex in a public restaurant, chances are you will be kicked out of the place.


Appreciate Each Other More

relationship spiced up appreciate each other

Nothing is more heartwarming than being appreciated. There is a tendency, after being in a relationship for long, partners tend to forget or rather ignore appreciating each other. If this happens, then chances are very high that your relationship is destined to fail.

If she cooks a great meal appreciate her, what could go wrong when you tell her, ”darling that meal was delicious”? Appreciating your partner not only encourages them to do better next time but they shall also feel loved. Just what you need to ensure that you keep your relationship spiced up.


Spend More Time Together

relationship spiced up spend time together

When you two first met and were in the early phases of your love, you would spend a lot of time together: hung out in nightclubs, more dates, more time just sitting and talking… What happened now that you no longer have time for each other?


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For a relationship to maintain its spark as couples you need to spend more time together. Meet up during your lunch break and grab a pizza together. Anything that will ensure that you stay bonded will enable you to keep your relationship lively.



Perhaps the main reason we have the increased number of divorces is due to the fact that we don’t spice up our relationships. As experts say, falling in love is quite easy but stay in love calls for an extra effort. The 6 ways discussed above can help ensure that you keep your relationship spiced up and maybe cure the boredom in your relationship.

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