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How to Simplify the Morning Beauty Routine

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morning beauty routine


The sound of the alarm going off in the morning is seldom a welcoming thing. Whether it’s another day at the workplace or a busy day at home keeping up with little ones, the morning routine always seems rushed. Trying to fit in a thorough skin care routine and applying make-up can be nearly impossible. Rather than taking away time from precious sleep in order wake up earlier to get ready, perhaps it’s time to take a good look at the various regimens and then find a way to simplify the morning beauty routine.

How to Simplify the Morning Beauty Routine


The Hair


Styling the hair can take a ton of time in the morning. This is especially the case if you are someone who has to shower, blow dry and style your hair in those early hours. Washing the hair the night before can be a huge time-saver. It’s even be possible to style the night before as well. Some curlers are made for sleeping while hair that is straightened via a straightener is likely to stay flat overnight.

If you are someone who absolutely must shower in the morning you may want to consider not washing your entire head. Rather, by cleansing the roots around the face and perhaps at the scalp you can definitely simplify the morning beauty routine. Not shampooing all of the hair will make blow drying and styling a much quicker process.


The Face


The amount of products that can be adhered to the face each morning is pretty extensive. There tends to be more common ones that are usually included in a daily skincare routine. These are usually moisturizers, under eye concealers, sunscreen, anti-aging creams, blush and bronzer. Instead of taking the time to apply each of these products separately, it may be a good idea to purchase beauty products that allow for more than one function. For example, there are an increasing number of cosmetics on the market that contain sunscreen, moisturizer, and bronzer. Utilizing such make-up is an easy way to simplify the morning beauty routine. Furthermore, with a single application this can result in a smoother-looking complexion, instead of streaks that layering of products can leave behind.


The Make-up


Again, to save valuable time you may want to purchase cosmetics that have a dual-function. Becoming increasingly popular are eyeliner/eye shadow combination pencils. Additionally, there are a variety of tinted balms on the market. There are some that allow wearers to add a splash of color to lips and cheeks.

Utilizing products that have more than one purpose can easily shorten that morning beauty routine. Not only does that make for less containers to rummage through, it can save you money. This is because it means less items to buy!

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