How To Stand Out And Impress Your Future Boss

how to stand outThe first impression that people get of you matters a lot. More often than not, how people perceive you initially will determine how they will treat you. You can have quite a good personality but when you present yourself in the wrong way publicly, they may misjudge you. It is important to consider the ways on how to stand out as an individual among a group.

Life presents us with very many situations where we need to ensure we know how to stand out. For instance: a group interview, dating site profile… what of standing out among your friends and getting “the girl” or “the guy”? We are living in a generation where looks matter a lot, sometimes even more than our education levels.

Among a group of friends, there is that one person who always tends to steal the spotlight. He/she is the most admirable in the group and almost everybody wants to associate with them. On the other hand, in the same group, there is always that person who seems a little bit out of place, it’s like they are dragging behind in fashion and their personality barely fits the group. It may sound rude but these are the duffs of the group. Often these people are not aware of the fact that they don’t fit in the group.


How To Stand Out In a Group 

The following are the major ways you can avoid being a duff, and steal the spotlight amongst both your friends and during your next job interview. This is how to stand out.


Dress nicely

how to stand out dress nicely

Yet again the dress code you choose will determine if you will stand out among your friends or not. Your friends can’t be in trendy attire while you are stuck with your 1960s fashion brands and expect that you will stand out. No! You need to be updated on the current fashions in the market.

So what is the right dressing code that will help you stand out among your friends? That’s a good question. And, no one expects you to drain all your savings and buy a $1000 dollar suit or dress in an attempt to ensure you get the spotlight.

The first key step is knowing your body type. Yes! You need to know if you are curvy so that you can choose attire that will be appropriate. When you know your body type and shape you can then proceed in deciding the kind of clothes that will be most appropriate for you; consulting a designer might do the trick!

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Research has it that, the first thing that new people notice are your shoes. Yes! This is the first thing that draws their attention, so, for this reason, it’s good to ensure you wear nice shoes. Heels for women or something slightly elevated is a plus.

Nice accessories

how to stand out accessories

People who wear nice accessories always appear to be more attractive. Stop by a jewelry shop and buy some jewelry. Again, not every accessory will look great on you, so you need to seek some professional advice on what suits you best. Buy a nice necklace, bracelet, nice pair of earrings… just to name a few.

If you have the appropriate accessory you will stand out among your friends. What of men? Despite the fact that men don’t have a variety of accessories that they can choose from so as to stand out, this doesn’t rule out the fact that there are one or two things they can add to compliment their looks. A nice watch is a good place to start. Women are more attracted to men who wear watches. You got it, and, it’s a win-win.


Confidence and attitude

how to stand out attitude

To begin with, never dress in something you are not comfortable being in maybe just because you saw someone look good in it or your favorite celebrity wears it. Don’t wear a short tight mini-skirt if you know you’ll spend the entire night pulling it down. Dress in something that will boost your confidence and you don’t have to go to the washroom every 30 seconds to look at yourself in the mirror to check yourself. Confidence is paramount! Walk upright, maintaining eye contact and smile where necessary.

If you are the type that looks down after being complimented you won’t know how stand out among your friends. Confidence boosts attractiveness and this might be just the missing ingredient you need to steal the spotlight.

Also, have a nice attitude. No one wants to be associated with someone who is always negative and criticizes virtually almost everything. Actually, the funnier the better, after all, who doesn’t want to be around someone who makes them laugh? Have a positive and energetic attitude and you’ll be sure to stand out among the rest.


Hygiene is paramount 

how to stand out hygene

Don’t be the kind that people will tend to avoid just because of lack of hygiene. Smelling good makes you attractive to the people around you and also this will help boost your confidence. Don’t be the person unaware of their own odor.

Wear nice cologne and perfume and you will be surprised by how much people will gravitate towards you. Anything that will help you stand out among your friends is very crucial, smelling nice being one of them.


Getting that dream job


First time interviews make everyone nervous. You don’t know what questions to expect or if you are even fully qualified for the job. Somehow this is understandable, facing a panel of interviewers who ask challenging questions just to evaluate how fit you are for the task at hand isn’t quite a walk in the park. Personally, on my first interview, I was literally shaking so much they asked me to take some 5 minutes to try and relax before starting the again. Yes! It was that bad.

A big challenge is knowing there are other’s fighting for the same position. So, being at your best and knowing how to stand out is paramount. The following are the ways you can learn how to stand out as an individual in a group of interviewees.


Dress code

how to stand out dress code

Maybe this has been your dream job for quite a while and finally, an opportunity presents itself. The only thing standing between you and your dream job is a bunch of interviewees whom you are competing with for the given job position. So dressing for success can give you has an extra advantage in securing the job.

I know it’s tempting. For instance, dressing provocatively may help you get the job. Hello! Yes, you might want to wear that favorite tight miniskirt that shows all your curves and exposes your thighs, that blouse top that shows your cleavage. Maybe, just maybe if they see how admirable your goodies are they might give you the job, right? As a man, you might be tempted to dress in that t-shirt that is so tight it shows your six packs and chest. Perhaps this is how to stand out and get points if the interviewer is female?

On the contrary, you don’t have to dress provocatively to win an extra point among your fellow competitors. Sometimes simple but decent does the trick. Again, understand the kind of job post you are being interviewed on. Obviously, if it’s an adult film audition interview, then don’t dress like an Eskimo, because of course with this, the less the better.


Confidence and Honesty 

how to stand out confidence

Having confidence is extremely important during a job interview. Yes, you will get nervous at some point, but, compose yourself and fake it till you make it.

You are certainly not going to secure the job if when asked a question, you face down and start shaking. Ensure you maintain eye contact with the panel, take a deep breath when you feel that you are getting nervous and answer all the questions confidently. Smile with confidence and answer with certainty.

Brag about your accomplishments, but be honest. Don’t say you have 10 years of experience as an assistant manager even though you have just turned 21. If they see you as a dishonest person, consider yourself not getting the job.

Maybe you lack experience in a particular field; tell them, but ensure you are a quick learner and can catch up. By so doing you will score extra points, maybe just what you need to secure the job and stand out among your fellow counterparts.

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It is the 21st century where everything is so competitive and knowing how to stand out, we have to be at our best. This article has fully discussed the various aspects in which one can stand out in a job interview and among friends. The key factor is to take the spotlight without losing yourself. If you adopt these methods you can rest assured that you won’t be the duff among your friends and if it’s the interview this will increase the chances of you being hired.

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