maintaining a close relationship

Maintaining a Close Relationship with Friends

maintaining a close relationshipFriends! They are our second family and play a huge role in day to day life and throughout milestone achievements. Take a moment to think about who your friends are and how you feel about your relationship with them. Did you just think about how great it is and how thankful you are to have them in your lives? If so, awesome! If not, try to think of what in particular isn’t as you had hoped for it to be. Good companions are never something we should let go and have fizzled out. Here are some tips on maintaining a close relationship and propel them forwards. These tips are ideal for new friendships and longstanding pals.


Maintaining a Close Relationship


Keep Communication Flowing

maintaining a close relationship with communication

Maintaining a close relationship means that open and honest communication between you and your friend is crucial if you want to keep hanging out in the future. And by “communication” we don’t just mean talking about the weather and what you did the day before, but also talking about your deepest fears, desires and plans. Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to another person – allow others to get to know who you really are. If you have a problem – go through possible solutions with your friend.

Ask them for advice and remind them that they can be as honest as needed! Healthy communication is the key to maintaining a close relationship. You don’t need to spill all of your secrets on day one, but let things progress organically. Don’t feel the need to keep things to yourself. Something as simple as text every day is a good way to let them know that you are thinking about them. See a funny picture? Share it with them on Facebook! Life gets busy, but there’s always time for a quick message.


Best Friend Dates

maintaining a close relationship friend date

Fun is one of the FUNdemental parts of friendship! Having a lot of fun together will help in maintaining a close relationship. Falling into a routine is a very common thing today, and you have to shake it up a bit by adding some fun activities. Talk to your friend and agree on doing something you both enjoy.

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Take an exercise class together, try a new restaurant or see the latest movie in theaters. Go bold and plan something adventurous like parasailing or racecar driving. The possibilities are endless, and the choice is up to you two. That time spent together, in combination with lots of laughter, will create unforgettable happy memories. Life can get crazy busy, but do make time for your friends. Going too long without seeing each other is an unfortunate way that a significant amount of friendships fade over time. Are you both swamped with work? Coordinate lunch breaks and sneak out to grab a bite at a quick café!


Make Traditions

maintaining a close relationship grow your circle


Take these “friend dates” to the next level and have them evolve into longstanding traditions. Traditions are usually associated with family and around a holiday or reoccurring event. Do your friendship a favor and cultivate unique traditions between you and your group of friends. Girl’s weekends, a friend Thanksgiving dinner the night before the holiday, a present exchange or following a band on tour are some exciting traditions to enact. Promise each other to always make these events a priority and that there are no excuses for ditching! Soon, it’ll be something you both look forward to and cherish. Take photos and videos each time and save them in a special place to make a collage down the line. Looking back at all of the fun times you’ve had is a powerful way to acknowledge a friendship. Those pictures and memories will be worth well beyond one thousand measly words.


Not Always Roses

maintaining a close relationship not always roses

Your friend is not your clone – it’s okay (and completely normal) for you two to disagree sometimes. If your friend decides to make a move or do something when you think that it isn’t is the right thing to do, don’t interfere. Just let them do their thing. It isn’t fair of you to try and control your friend or tell him/her what to do just because you’re friends. Don’t try to influence your friends’ lives because that’s how you put your friendships in danger.

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Nobody likes to be told what to do, and your negative reaction to their decisions will sadly do more harm than good. But, do let them know that you’re there for them and let them know that you are happy to give your advice if they want it. Conflict in small doses is healthy, and it leads to a deeper understanding of your friend’s inner workings. Weather the storm and prosper!


Grow Your Circle

maintaining a close relationship make traditions

The more, the merrier has never been truer when it comes to friendships! Expand your social circle and build a flourishing network of friends. Tell a good friend to bring someone they know to an event and do the same. As you all get to know each other, common hobbies, likes and dislikes will pop up in conversation. Meeting up at a central location for drinks or coffee is easy and brings us all back to our roots. Challenge everyone to leave their phones in their purses and be present in the moment. Initiate group texts over the course of the week and be the reason that everyone has a midday pick me up with laughter and dear sentiments.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Being open to making friendships and taking the time to learn from the people around you will help in maintaining a close relationship. It’ll help you grow as a person and analyze personality traits. Deep down, humans, in general, are social beings, and friends can have a great influence on their decisions in different stages of their lives. Many tend to think that a friendship (or romantic relationship) should be effortless. It is quite the opposite! Do your best to put your friendships first and make time for the people in your life that are important to you. By doing so, you and your pal will grow together and be able to tackle anything that comes your way.

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