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Online Dating Mantras You Should Live By

online datingYou may not be surprised to hear that online dating is now the second most common way couples meet. The internet offers a variety of solutions for those who want to try their luck with meeting someone online – from dating sites to dating apps, the possibilities are theoretically endless. Many people decide to try out this style of meeting people believing that everything is easier than in “real” life.

The fact is that finding a perfect partner online is very hard, and people often tend to leave false records about their life, tricking you into believing they’re someone they’re not. You have to learn how to recognize and avoid those profiles. If someone’s profile looks “too good,” then there’s probably something wrong with it. Here are few tips on online dating and relationship advice that can make your adventure with online dating a lot easier.



Online Dating Mantras To Live By



Be Honest

online dating be honest

It should be a golden rule that lies are forbidden in online dating. Lying about yourself on your profile will only lead the other person to disappointment when you meet in real life. He/she will quickly realize that you’re not who you claimed to be. Men tend to lie about things like their height, and women about their weight, so pay attention to these categories and don’t believe everything you read. Being honest doesn’t mean that you have to reveal everything about yourself in your profile. Some things you should keep for the actual meet up.


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Although you’re saving time for yourself and them by being honest with the basics. Basic info includes what you are looking to get out of a relationship and where you see yourself in the future. Not all individuals are looking for marriage or to eventually have children, being on the same page with notable milestones like these is a must. Think about it – even if they are okay with your lie about your height, they could be wondering what else you’d think about lying about down the line. The same honest mantra applies twofold to profile pictures!


Be Realistic

online dating be realistic

When you see someone’s profile, you immediately start fantasizing about life with that person. This is the wrong thing to do because you can create expectations that person may not be able to fulfill. Your date to be could wind up being the person you marry and have a house, kids and a dog with, but refrain from building a story in your head. It’s all in good spirit, but take it one step at a time. Be real and never rush with the first date. Likewise, don’t hurry with the relationship. Starting a relationship on your first date is a risky proposition – first you need to meet the person, and then you can start thinking about the next step. It is a blank canvas for you both to fill in.


Be Safe

online dating be safe

You might roll your eyes with what you’re about to read, but safety should be a top priority when dating someone fir the first time. Be very careful about the information you’re giving to the other person – we don’t have to mention that giving your home address, credit card number, and similar relevant information are not wise choices. Choose a crowded place for a first date and play it safe for the first date. Something like dinner, billiards or a movie are classic first date go-to’s. Take your time with getting to know the person online via the site’s chat system or texting and social media. Read the person’s cues and schedule a meet up when you feel ready.


Be Level Headed

online dating be level headed

Online dating has another paramount rule – you have to distinguish the difference between relevant and irrelevant details. Don’t let emotions overwhelm you and try to always be realistic when it comes to evaluating the other person. If you two have the same favorite restaurant, ask yourself how relevant is that exactly? A favorite place doesn’t reveal a thing about that person. On the other hand, try to pay attention to what that person says and find similarities between you two. Does he/she love to read books? Does he/she seem to be an active person? These details about someone’s personality and habits can show you if you two are truly the perfect couple.

It’s important to have hobbies and passions in common. You’ll help each other to develop these further, and it will help you to build a stronger connection. Sexual attraction can only last so long; a strong mental connection will keep you set for the long haul! A healthy relationship has both, and there is a huge difference between love and infatuation.


Be Bold

Whether you’re the girl or the guy, be bold! Do you like the person? Take the first step and ask them to go on a second date. Send a text saying you enjoyed your time with them and look forward to seeing them again. Online dating isn’t always the easiest thing to partake in, especially if you are a touch on the shy side when getting to know someone. They’ll be flattered and relieved to know that the feeling is mutual. On the flip side, if you don’t feel a connection, it is best to mention this if your online dating partner expresses interest in another date. Don’t leave them guessing or waiting on you if it just does not feel right.


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People who are not afraid to try online dating are often characterized as proactive and forward-thinking individuals. It would be a shame not to use all the possibilities the internet has given us. Just like in any other situation in life, when it comes to online dating low expectations are always better than high ones – if you expect nothing, and you find the perfect partner for you – you will be very happy. On the other hand, if you expect a lot, you may find yourself very disappointed in the end when you don’t find the Mr/Mrs. Just remember not to give up – there is someone out there waiting for you!

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