online dating vs real life dating

Online Dating VS Real Life Dating

online dating vs real life datingOnline dating vs real life dating: which is better? Back in the day when there was no internet, our forefathers had a system of their own of getting their spouse and that is: real life dating. This is an ancient method and, hey, we need to appreciate it. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been born.

With rapid evolution over the years in all the sectors, technology has not been left behind. Back in the day if you wanted to communicate with someone who was far you had to do it via a letter. This would usually take more than 5 days to reach the recipient. Then assuming they reply to the message you have to wait for another 5 days or more to get the reply letter. Hectic! Right? But with improved technology, you can get a reply from someone who is miles away in less than 30 seconds.



Online Dating VS Real Life Dating



It is this technology that has made it possible for the creation of the online dating apps and sites. Perhaps a competition to real life dating or is real life dating the undisputed way to find a spouse? There have been mixed views on this issue with more and more people giving online dating a trial. Is this an indication of the success of online dating vs real life dating? To begin we need to explore the pros and cons of each method before making a judgment on which method is better.



Online Dating Pros



Never too busy for online dating

online dating vs real life dating too busy

We live in a generation where we have to work hard and to strive to make ends meet. There is a lot of competition in virtually every aspect and this has led to busy schedules. Hey, some of us are even too busy to find time to go to a bar, club or any other public places where they can bump into their soul mate or sex partner.

With online dating vs real life dating, you don’t have to be in this public places to meet new people and possibly someone to lay you. At the comfort of your home or office, you can connect with hundreds of potential mates.


Wider scope

online dating vs real life dating wide scope

With real life dating, you are limited to a certain geographical area. Who wouldn’t want the anxiety and passion of having a partner from another state or country? Just as how sex with one partner if not properly spiced up can get boring, being confined to meeting people in a certain geographical area can be boring too. Most of the major online dating apps connect users of over 50 countries around the globe.


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If you are fed up with meeting people in your country then online dating gives you the opportunity to try your luck with a partner from another country. Heck yeah, personally I would do anything for the passion and romance of being with someone from another country.


High chances of a right match

online dating vs real life dating high chance

When meeting someone in real life, you don’t know their marital status, sexual preference, and personality. Online dating, on the other hand, gives you the chance to read a brief bio about someone. This gives you the ability to determine if the person would be right for you.

You can specify the kind of partner you want to date in online dating vs real life dating. “Tall with black hair, blue eyes, loves to watch CN network on a Friday night, or even likes to cough a lot…” I was probably joking about the coughing part. But, generally, chances of finding your dream partner are high as a user of online dating vs real life dating. This is due to their algorithm matching making mechanisms that notify you of people with the specification you stated on the kind of partner you are searching for. People! Yes, there may be more than 5 people, maybe 10 or even more whom you are matched with and it’s up to you to determine which one of them is the best. Something that real life does not present to us.



Online Dating Cons



Fake profiles

online dating vs real life dating fake profiles

The major problem that the online dating world faces today is the issue of fake profiles. A lot of effort has been put to curb this issue but to no success. There are very many fake profiles in online dating apps. The mission of majority of these people being to extract money from you, sometimes something even as evil as kidnapping you.


No contact

online dating vs real life dating no contact

You might be messaging with someone for a long time but may never actually meet for an actual date. What is even worse is that online dating is addictive. Yes! Just as how smoking a joint is addictive, smoking a cigarette or even visiting your favorite porn sites when no one is home, online dating too can be addictive.

How do you know you are addicted? If you find that you are spending a lot of time on your computer sending messages to the hotties you see and you don’t even take chances presented to you in real life then you are an addict. I had a friend who was an addict of one of the major dating apps we have and with him, it was even worse. He would spend a lot of time searching for hot girls on the dating app that he wouldn’t even remember the basics in his life like take a shower, or brushing his teeth… Gross! Right!?


Time and money wastage

online dating vs real life dating time and money

Whereas the majority of people on this dating apps are actually serious about finding either a sex partner or a long life partner, there are those who are here for the fun part of it. They know they look good and hence upload some of the hottest pictures they have to get the attention of many. They watch their inbox get full and they will only reply to a few and will never agree to plan a date. Dealing with such people will have you waste your time and money.



Real Life Dating Pros



Great story

online dating vs real life dating story

Meeting in real life ensures that you have great memories of your first encounter. If someone asked how you two met you shall have a great story to tell “he was so drunk that he confused the ladies washroom as the gents I had to direct him and it was there where the magic started” great story, right? Now assuming you met via an online dating app and someone asks you how you two met.


Comfortable and mutual friends

online dating vs real life dating mututal friends

Between the online dating vs real life dating categories, real life dating is the ancient method of finding a spouse; it is natural and allows you to be natural. Above all it allows you to express confidence that ladies find as the most attractive ingredient in a man. The magic and confidence in approaching or being approached by someone in real life cannot be compared to when someone sends you and old cliché as the first message on your encounter in a dating app.


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Real life feels more natural and comfortable compared to online dating. Also, in real life dating, you can be introduced to someone by a friend and you won’t have to feel awkwardly weird texting someone in a dating app that you even aren’t sure if their profile is real or not.


Better judgment

online dating vs real life dating better judgement

We have had a lot of people who get disappointed after meeting someone they have been chatting with on a dating app. Reason being? They don’t look the same as in their profile picture. Some people add filters on the pictures they upload online hence exaggerate their looks. However, with real life dating, you get to see the person and can judge if you find them attractive or not within the first few seconds of your encounter.



Real Life Dating Cons



Awkwardly shy people

online dating vs real life dating awkward and shy

We can’t deny the fact that there are some people who are too shy to approach. What happens to them? Whereas online dating presents you the opportunity to make passes on someone you find attractive on the site via message. Real life dating has proven to be too harsh to this category of people.


Can’t judge their marital status

online dating vs real life dating marital status

I have had incidences where some of my friends have found a guy attractive and decided to approach them. But only to end up in a catfight with their girlfriends or wives. It is logical to claim that everyone in an online dating app is single and either looking for a lifetime partner or a sex partner. But, the same can’t be said about real life dating. When approaching someone in person, you can’t be sure of their marital status.


First impression

online dating vs real life dating first impressions

In real life dating, first impressions matter. There was a time I was doing some laundry and was in a funny faded old track suit. I decided to go and get an ice cream; I didn’t mind how I looked since the ice cream shop was just a few yards away from my house. On the way I found this handsome guy. He was the most attractive person I had ever seen, second to the person I see when I look in the mirror. He only gave me a single gaze and walked past me. How many of us have missed the chance of being with our soul mates just because our first impression wasn’t good enough? However, online dating you can introduce yourself to someone while on pajamas.


Online dating vs real life dating which is better? This is a hard question to answer and different people have mixed views on it. But, it’s understandable, right? Both methods have their pros and cons. The main purpose of online dating is to find someone suitable to date in real life. Whatever the reason that may have made you choose this path you are not inferior to those who approach people in real life. In fact, according to a research done in the US, 35% of recently married couples met online. For success and better relationships, we should adopt both methods. You can use an online dating app but ensure you don’t ignore chances presented to you by real life. Most importantly ensure you don’t become an addict. When you find the perfect match partner, it is time to take it to real life dating.

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