sugar free detox

Sugar Free Detox For Weight Loss

sugar free detox
sugar free detox

We all seem to eat too much whenever there is a holiday. Diets are quickly blown to the wayside as we chow down on all those tasty foods that aren’t healthy for us, especially the sweets and treats. Then afterwards we are left with an overly stuffed belly and a head filled with guilt. Rather than spending an exorbitant amount of money on a complicated and drastic diet plan, simply going on a sugar free detox for a month can result in weight loss.


Starting a Sugar Free Detox

Starting a sugar free detox can be quite a challenge. Most of us don’t realize how often we consume sugar filled foods. Whether it’s the usual dessert after dinner or a handful or two of M&Ms at the office, these seemingly harmless calories find a way into our mouths and then onto our waistlines. But setting a minimal time frame of one month can lead to weight loss and give us a way to keep our eating habits in check as well.


The Hardest Part

The first three days of the detox are usually the toughest. Giving up something we love and crave usually is. Those initial days may seem long and may be downright unbearable. You may find yourself quite irritable as well. But keep your eyes on the prize and remind yourself how staying the course of sugar free for only one month can result in weight loss.


It Gets Easier

By the fourth day that craving for sweet and sugary foods should be less intense. By then you will mostly likely have found other snacks to fill the void – healthier snacks. If the idea of going the rest of the month without anything sweet still seems too difficult, allow yourself one treat a week. This single treat will allow you to have something to look forward to during the rest of the week. But the delectable desert should be small enough so the detox plan can result in weight loss. In other words, it should be a single slice or serving of cake – not an entire cake. Also, it may be wise to go out to enjoy this treat. Otherwise, if you bring the savored confections into the home it will probably lead to temptation.


The end of the month will have arrived before you know it. Hopefully your month long sugar free detox has resulted in some weight loss that you can celebrate. Be sure to reward yourself for reaching your goal. But if you do choose to celebrate with something sugary, do your month of detox a favor and keep the portion small!

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