Tips On How To Get Away For Less Money

Tips On How To Get Away For Less Money

Tips On How To Get Away For Less Money
It seems as though everyone could use a little more vacation time these days and less work time. And while most people would like to travel more, turning that into a reality can be difficult. Finding the time to travel, taking the time to plan a trip, and affording one are all common reasons given as to why getaways aren’t taken. Trying to vacation for less money can certainly be challenging, but it is possible. Read on to discover tips on how to get away without draining your savings account.



Travel At Non-Peak Times 

There are specific times of the year where you can expect to dish out the dough when traveling to popular destinations. For example, during the month of April, many seek out tropical destinations or warmer places in the south for spring break. Traveling during this time causes hotel rates to go up. If you plan to go anywhere during the week of Thanksgiving, you can be sure to pay a higher price for this week of travel compared to any other week in November. Venturing someplace around the end of December and the first week of January is also going to be costly. Choosing non-peak times to travel is a great way to get away for much less.



When To Go

Tips On How To Get Away For Less Money When to go

Some non-peak times of travel you may want to consider are as follows: the first week or two of December, the months of May (except around Memorial Day) and September (except around Labor Day). During the end of January, the beginning of November and most of October are times when hotels and flights are generally less expensive. February and March can be cheaper but is also a time when many schools have spring breaks and this leads to an increase in pricing.

Likewise, when booking a flight, you can get away for less when reserving a flight that travels during non-busy times. Most travel agents recommend choose flight times on Tuesdays or Wednesdays to save money; flights during the weekend are much more expensive. And just like with lodging, flights that coincide with dates of major holidays are going to cost significantly more.



The Accommodations

When booking lodging for your trip there are several ways you can get away for less. Taking the time to shop around online at different sites will give you different options to consider. You may also want to expand your searching time to more than a single day since prices fluctuate daily. Before selecting a hotel and making a deposit, below are a few ways you can save on accommodations.



Avoid The Weekends

Tips On How To Get Away For Less Money Avoid The Weekends

While the weekend may seem like the perfect time to get away it is definitely not the cheapest. Most motels, hotels, and resorts hike up their rates Friday and Saturday nights. In some destinations, a hotel or motel will charge twice as much for a weekend night more than what than what they charge during a weekday night. If the weekend is your optimal time to getaway, you may want to stay just one weekend night – rather than both- to save yourself some money.



Consider A Rental Vacation

Tips On How To Get Away For Less Money Consider A Rental Vacation

When most people want to get away they automatically assume that lodging has to be at a hotel or motel. Vacation rentals are another option and one that many don’t bother to look into. But renting out a house or condo could actually be cheaper than booking a hotel room. And you’ll be able to truly relax since most vacation rentals are typically larger in space than a standard hotel room. Vacation rentals come in all sizes and many even accommodate a large party of travelers.

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Join A Perks Program

Tips On How To Get Away For Less Money Join A Perks Program

Many venues offer a program where you can accumulate points and then enjoy perks as a result of these points. Some of these perks include free night stays or room upgrades. These perk programs are available through many different hotel brands, as well online travel and booking sites. Being a loyal customer to that brand, and frequently using them, will allow you to get perks such as discounted savings. In addition, you can also benefit just by enrolling in their program. Enrolling in most programs is a relatively quick process – it takes just a few minutes – and can give you significant savings when trying to get away.



Free Breakfast

Tips On How To Get Away For Less Money Free Breakfast

You’ve probably heard at some point in your life how breakfast is the important meal of the day. Hotels and motels that have a free breakfast provide us with a financial incentive to eat this important meal; a free breakfast can certainly help make that get away cost less. Eating out for breakfast each day on vacation gets pricey. Even simply buying scones and a latte at a nearby coffee shop can end up costing a lot.

If you have children, selecting an accommodation that provides free breakfast can be especially appealing. Even little mouths can find a way of eating into your savings. And it is much easier to take a quick walk down the hall to get breakfast then trying to drive to a separate restaurant that all can agree on.

Plus, many hotels go above and beyond and offer more than just a basic continental breakfast. Full, hot breakfasts that include eggs, Belgian waffles, and sausage are now offered at many hotels. Many chains boast that a full breakfast is offered at all of their locations. Taking advantage and filling up on a large breakfast will hopefully allow you to spend a little less at lunchtime. And it’s not uncommon for travelers to grab a bagel or a piece of fruit on their way out to snack on later.



Dining Options

In addition to saving money by choosing accommodations that offer a free breakfast, there are other ways to get away and save on dining as well. Dining is one of those areas of vacationing that people have a tendency to overindulge in. After all, eating well is a part of what makes a getaway worthwhile. Below are some ways to prevent dining from taking a bite out of your wallet.



Book Accommodations With A Kitchen Or Kitchenette

Tips On How To Get Away For Less Money Book accommodations with a kitchen or kitchenette

Preparing your own meals is a significant way you can save money while on vacation. Rather than reserving a standard-sized hotel room you may want to look for accommodations that include either a partial kitchen or a full kitchen.

It may be helpful to even call the site directly and ask what is included in their kitchen. Some may include just the basics like a mini fridge, small microwave, and coffee maker. Others may have not only full-sized appliances but dishes and cutlery as well. If you want to want to rent lodging that includes a kitchen with the works, vacation rentals are much more likely to have these options available than the average hotel chain.



Limit The Drinks At Dinner

Tips On How To Get Away For Less Money Limit the drinks at dinner

While having those alcoholic beverages with your meal adds to the experience of the meal, it also adds more to the total of the final bill. To reduce the spending of that getaway, it may be wise to limit the number of drinks you have. One way to save some dollars is to get in the habit of drinking water with your meal. Then purchase a bottle at a local grocery or liquor store and enjoy an after-dinner drink in your hotel room. Many hotel rooms will have a mini fridge you can use to keep your drinks cold. Otherwise, most hotel rooms provide a bucket for ice that you can use to chill your desired beverages. Drinking directly in the hotel room of your getaway is also the safer choice since you won’t be having to get behind the wheel to drive immediately afterward!



Dine At Restaurants That Have Kids Menus

Tips On How To Get Away For Less Money Dine at restaurants that have kids menus

Feeding a hungry mouth of an adult can be an expenditure for some; taking an entire family out to eat can seriously drain the wallet. Prior to sitting down at a restaurant table when on vacation, it may be helpful to find out if the establishment offers a kids’ menu.

It may be beneficial to sneak a peek at the kid’s menu as well. While many restaurants offer a kids menu, some are more economically friendly than others. For example, a kids’ menu that only offers a couple of entree choices at $10 – $12 may not do your wallet any favors. Other restaurants may have kids meals for a couple of bucks and that price, including a drink and dessert.

If you are especially proactive, you could even call around to a few restaurants and ask if they have “kids eat free” nights. Many venues offer this perk during the weekdays to entice patrons to dine there. And taking advantage of these nights will help you and your family get away for less.



A Final Word To Send You Off On Your Get Away

Tips On How To Get Away For Less Money A Final Word To Send You Off On Your Get Away

Planning vacations can take time, and can even be a stressful process for many. In this day and age, there are so many sites to visit, and factors to keep track of. Taking the time to plan effectively can help you save a significant amount of money, but sometimes taking advantage of “last minute” options can be relatively inexpensive as well. Many hotels and vacation packages aren’t purchased as the date approaches, and the vendors will reduce the price substantially at the last minute. Of course, to take advantage of these savings, you have to be able to be flexible with your schedule.

Whether you are an early planner or a last-minute traveler, it is worth the effort to get away. Even after the trip has ended, you’ll hopefully be left with long-lasting memories to enjoy for a lifetime.

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